7 Tricks On How To Clean Footbed Of Sandals

How To Clean Footbed Of SandalsHow To Clean Footbed Of Sandals. Sometimes it’s hard to find sandals that you like because they don’t have a footbed. This tutorial covers how to clean the footbed off any sandals so you can wear them with confidence.

Your sandals can get very grimy, no matter how much you are walking on the beach or down the street. In case you don’t how to clean your sandal’s footbed, you’re about to! You can clean your sandals’ footbeds with these strategies: Birkenstock, suede.

Personally, I am a Birkenstocks member. My pair of vegan white Birkenstocks with the little back strap is my obsession. I’ll be crying for them when they finally go. They should last a long time if they are taken care of properly, including the sometimes stinky feet.

No matter if you are a diehard fan of your rubber flip-flops and sandals, the health of your feet is at stake. The Institute For Preventative Foot Health shared the keeping your shoes clean is a crucial component of overall foot wellness.

Grab your favorite pair of sandals and scroll down to learn how to clean them properly. You will be a big help to your sandals and feet and know about How To Clean Footbed Of Sandals. So, follow this article and get everything you need to know.

How To Clean Footbed Of Sandals

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of toddler sandals wide feet, you probably want to make sure that they’ll make a good impression on your friends and family. It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to buying shoes, and finding a pair that will be comfortable and fit the way you want them to will be a challenge.

A shoe-care brush with boar or nylon bristles can help you get dirt, dried mud, and other debris off your shoes.2 Bring them outside and scrub the tops and bottoms to get as much off as possible. It won’t disinfect sandals but it is a good place for you to start if they are particularly dirty.

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How to clean sandals with footbed cleaner

You can clean the stained, smelly microfiber footbeds of your sandals with a footbed cleaning solution, like Vionic Footbed Cleaner and How To Clean Footbed Of Sandals.

  1. Give the bottle a vigorous shake.
  2. Use a small amount of the solution on a dry, clean cloth.
  3. Ensure that you scrub your sandals’ footbeds thoroughly.
  4. Use a dry, clean cloth to remove excess moisture as well as any dirt and residue.
  5. Allow your sandals to air dry in indirect sunlight.

3 Methods To Clean Sandals

How to hand-wash water-resistant sandals

You can wash your sandals by hand if they are made from rubber, foam, neoprene, or recycled plastic. Here are the steps.

  1. Warm water can be added to your sink or large bowl.
  2. Allow your sandals to soak in the water for approximately 15 minutes.
  3. To loosen any dirt, gently scrub the area with your fingers or a soft toothbrush.
  4. Add a few drops of mild laundry detergent to the dish soap.
  5. Allow your sandals to soak in the soapy solution for another 15 minutes.
  6. Wash your sandals in warm water. Dry them with a towel.

How to clean leather sandals with vinegar

Leather sandals can be more difficult to clean but distilled vinegar can be used as a gentle, yet effective, leather cleaner.

  1. Combine one part vinegar and one part water.
  2. Use a clean, soft cloth or sponge to dip in the solution. Then, wring it out until it isn’t dripping wet.
  3. To remove dirt and sweat stains, gently scrub the leather shoes.
  4. Allow your sandals to air dry.

How to clean leather sandals with a Toothbrush

To clean strappy sandals, slides, and toe-post sandals featuring leather footbeds or uppers, you can use a soft toothbrush and baking soda.

  1. To make a paste, combine three tablespoons of baking soda and one cup of water.
  2. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the paste all over the feet, soles, and uppers.
  3. Clean your leather sandals with a dry, clean cloth.

Suede Footbed

If your sandal’s footbed is made of suede and you want How To Clean Footbed Of Sandals, then CleanMySpace recommended giving it a rubdown with sandpaper to smooth out marks and remove stubborn dirt stains.

You can also clean them with a little dish soap and warm water. Scrub any stains with a toothbrush, and then let the sandal air dry outside.


If you’re like most people, sandals are probably one of your favorite shoes. But one of the things that makes them so comfortable is that they have a lot of sand in them. And that sand can cause all kinds of problems: your feet can get sweaty, your heels can get blisters, and you might even end up with toe fungus.

Want to get the most out of your sandals? This guide on How To Clean Footbed Of Sandals will help you clean them. The tips included here are clear and easy to follow. Sometimes you might find yourself in a tight spot, and your feet are already looking a little dirty.

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