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The Fibromyalgia Summit Complete Event Package is the first online event to combine both interviews and a ton of downloadable material to assist you through your Fibromyalgia journey. It features over 30 speakers, over 20 e-books and discount codes for just $69. On sale until now and available May 12th! Check it out here: (link)

When I’m trying to decide on whether to purchase one of these online summits, I look at how beneficial the content is going to be for me in the long term.  Is it something I will refer to again and again as a guide? The Fibromyalgia Summit Complete Event Package is the perfect tool box to get started in seeking answers to your Fibromyalgia journey.  30+ speakers, 20+ e-books all available at a huge savings if purchased separately. Have a look and see if the Fibromyalgia Summit Complete Event Package would be a great resource for you (We are super happy with it!): (link)

Did you know that we have some of the top experts in health and wellness in the world available discussing ways to regain life and thrive with Fibromyalgia?! What an amazing opportunity to be the first to get your hands on these new resources for a price that just can’t be beat! Not to mention the rest of the 20+ e-books and discount codes included! This is an amazing deal and only on sale through May 12th! Check it out here: (link)

Looking for a resource to help you finally heal from Fibromyalgia? The Fibromyalgia Summit Complete Event Package includes 30+ speakers and 20+ e-books (worth over $500) all for only $69! But hurry! This sale ends May 12th (link)

Here’s my two favorite resources from the Fibromyalgia Summit Complete Event Package: list your two favorite e-books. A sentence or two on why you like these resources. you can get them plus over 40 high-quality interviews and e-books TODAY for $69! Check it out here: (link)

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The #fibrosummit is the 1st Fibromyalgia Summit Complete Event to focus on the Fibro! It has 30+ speakers, 20+ e-books for just $69. (link)

The #fibrosummit includes over 30 speakers and 20+ e-books! Get yours now!! (link)

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Fibromyalgia Summit Complete Event Package Promotional General Copy

New This Week……..

May 12-14 I am speaking/contributing on the Fibromyalgia Summit [include your unique hyperlink]!logo

The Fibromyalgia Summit is an online event full of resources and interviews to assist you in regaining health from the many symptoms of Fibromyalgia. There has never been so much great material on living well with Fibromyalgia….ALL IN ONE PLACE!

  • Online for FREE from May 12-14 2016
  • Access it from ANY computer or mobile device
  • You can also purchase the event plus the complete Wellness Bundle for just $69!

Join us Fibromyalgia Awareness Day!

To Your Health,

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The Complete Fibromyalgia Summit Event Package

I am so excited to share the Fibromyalgia Summit event with you.  With your purchase of access to this event  you will receive the entire Summit content plus the 1-page summary, speaker Bonus Materials and over 20 downloadable ebooks.

[insert image of Bundle Page]I first became familiar with e-book bundles through participating in one with Paleo Mom.  I think they are a fantastic idea and wanted to have it be part of the Fibromyalgia Summit.   Book Bundles include a variety of ebooks as well as discount codes, all for a huge discount and sold for a limited time. The Complete Fibromyalgia Summit Event Package has exclusive content specifically for Fibromaylgia as well as general health resources and discounts that will get you on track with your healthy lifestyle.  These downloadable ebooks include topics ranging from nutrition and fitness to gardening to coloring (which so many people are loving for anxiety these days) and much much more.  Are you looking for a resource to jumpstart your Fibromyalgia health journey?

The Fibromyalgia Summit features 20+ e-books and discount codes along with ALL the content from the event for just $69.

[this is a good place to talk about specific contributions or your favorite resources]

The Fibromyalgia Summit is an entirely digital product, which means you can get instant access by purchasing it right now! It’s compatible with your computer, tablet and smartphone!

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