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Suffered Long Enough

by Dr. Bill Rawls


3 Steps to Happiness!

by Dr. Teitelbaum


Stress Remedies

by Dr. Doni Wilson


Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Effective Treatment Using SHINE Protocol  

What You'll Learn
  • Fibromyalgia represents a body wide energy crisis
  • SHINE is a very powerful way to restore energy production
  • Virtually everybody can get effective pain relief. We will show you how

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Tami Stackelhouse

Choosing the Best Work-from-Home Business

What You'll Learn
  • Self-care is treating yourself the way you'd treat someone that you love.
  • Working from home can make it easier to practice good self-care.
  • There are 8 key questions to ask when evaluating your work-at-home options.

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Toni Bernhard

How to Find Peace With Chronic Pain

What You'll Learn
  • Top 5 tips for living with chronic pain
  • How to handle family and friends who aren’t sympathetic
  • Advice for caregivers

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Sue Hitzmann

The MELT Method 

What You'll Learn
  • A breakthrough self-treatment system that reduces chronic pain
  • Erase the signs of aging
  • How to feel fantastic in just 10 minutes a day

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Dr. Andy Galpin

Human Performance & Muscle Physiology

What You'll Learn
  •  Healthy muscle = healthy body
  • You ain’t “stuck with what you got” – muscle is very adaptable 
  • Muscle function at the single fiber (cell) level

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Dina Proctor

The Power of 3 Minute Meditation 

What You'll Learn
  • 3x3 Meditation method helps to transform your personal and profession life
  • How meditation is practical in creating transformation
  • Why mindset is important to achieve results

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Vidyamala Burch

Mindfulness for Fibromyalgia

What You'll Learn
  • How to use your mind to manage your illness with grace, dignity and ease
  • The Power of the Breath - how learning whole-body breathing can ease your pain
  • Pain without Suffering - learning to accept any painful sensations you may have without adding anything extra through mental, emotional or physical reactions and tension

Max Lugavere

Brain Hacking-Nutrition, Sleep, and Exercise

What You'll Learn
  • Why low carb diets are great for brain health
  • Exercise and sleep as key factors to improving brain function
  • How to reduce brain fog and improve memory

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Becky Mauldin, ND

Healing Fibromyalgia with Detoxification

What You'll Learn
  • How toxic chemicals cause fatigue and pain.
  • Why detoxification is essential to optimal health.
  • The best way to detoxify the entire body.

Sue Ingebretson


What You'll Learn
  • Getting started on your healing journey
  • Building a healthcare team
  • How to make sense of health information when we are overwhelmed.

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Glen Depke

Why are we Fat, Fatigued & Frustrated

What You'll Learn
  • Understand how your adrenal function will lead to weight gain, fatigue, inflammation and pain
  • Uncover the inflammatory/PAIN connection
  • Learn the proven steps to overcome weight issues, fatigue and the frustration of chronic pain

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Julie Ryan

How diet and lifestyle changes saved my life.

What You'll Learn
  • Simple diet changes that can have a huge impact
  • Pacing strategies that bring more energy
  • Exercise options you can do from bed

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Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

The Autoimmune Paleo Diet for Fibromyalgia

What You'll Learn
  • What is the autoimmune paleo diet?
  • How can it improve quality of life with Fibromyalgia?
  • What are other lifestyle factors important to healing?

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Bill Rawls, MD

Fibromyalgia & Stealth Microbes

What You'll Learn
  • Fibromyalgia is the result of immune dysfunction and microbiome imbalance.
  • Microbiome imbalance with overgrowth of stealthy opportunistic microbes causes nonspecific symptoms.
  • Optimal immune function can be restored by minimizing immune system disruptors.

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Anita Teresa Boeninger

Sex & Fibromyalgia: An Unlikely Romance

What You'll Learn
  • How sex can actually be medicinal—especially if you have fibromyalgia.
  • The history of fibromyalgia and early methods of treatment are intimately connected to the advent of sex to the advent of sex toys!
  • Learn how your relationship to sexuality is intimately connected to autoimmune & inflammatory disease

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Dr. Doni Wilson, ND

How Stress Remedy Addresses

What You'll Learn
  • Trust your gut! Your various symptoms are related and it is by addressing your health based on those interconnections that you’ll find long awaited results.
  • Look beyond the conventional approach! It is now possible to get much more specific information about your health than you can find on a regular blood test. Just know that you’ll need to pay out of pocket and to see a practitioner trained in functional testing.
  • The causes and the solutions are unique! Fibromyalgia for one person can look very different than fibromyalgia for the next person. That’s because we are all very unique in terms of both our genetics and our stress exposures.

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John Dempster, ND

Connection between mental health and emotional pain/wellness.

What You'll Learn
  • Understanding Naturopathic and Functional Medicine
  • The Gut/Mental health connection
  • Understanding brain fog

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Ginevra Liptan, MD

The Gray Zone of Hypothyroidism and Fibromyalgia

What You'll Learn
  • Not everyone with fibromyalgia has hypothyroidism, but when the two illnesses occur together the thyroid must be adequately treated to gain any improvement in fatigue or other symptoms.
  • Current western medical testing for hypothyroidism is insufficient, providers must take into account the full thyroid panel of labs and correlate with symptoms.
  • Thyroid blood tests must be interpreted differently in the setting of fibromyalgia

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Yvonne Keeny

Why Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

What You'll Learn
  • Fibromyalgia Awareness Day activities are designed to increase public awareness
  • Awareness events have been mostly grassroots
  • Awareness items are available from the Fibromyalgia Coalition

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Chris Cade

Facing Fear and Anxiety with Chronic Illness

What You'll Learn
  • Learn why mindset is so important to physical healing.
  • Learn tools to overcome fear and anxiety.
  • Address shame and guilt associated with illness.

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Amy Zellmer

Overcoming Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury

What You'll Learn
  • How to support a loved with dealing with an invisible injury/illness
  • How to take care of yourself first (no one can drink from an empty cup)
  • Be your own advocate

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Beth Shaw

YogaFit for Fibromyalgia

What You'll Learn
  • What makes Yogafit unique
  • How yoga can improve your quality of life
  • How yoga helps us be successful in all aspects of life

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Michael Finkelstein, MD

Slow Medicine Offers Hope and Healing

What You'll Learn
  • Taking a comprehensive health and wellness inventory
  • Finding the lynchpin to set the healing mechanism in motion
  • Designing a personal action plan that connects all the dots

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Stacy Berman

Can you think yourself thin?

What You'll Learn
  • Why do your thoughts and feelings matter? And how do they relate to weight loss?
  • How are your past problems affecting your present body?
  • What happens when your emotions get stuck and show up in your body?
  • Can I lose weight by changing my thoughts? And how?

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Within every woman there is a powerful force, the Wild Woman. She is fierce and healthy, magic and medicine, fertile and life-giving, She is woman.

Adrienne Dellwo

Relationships & Healing with Fibromyalgia

What You'll Learn
  • Tips for living a dynamic passionate life despite chronic illness.
  • Lifestyle tips and strategies to improve cognitive function.
  • How to maintain relationships with friends, family and physicians.

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Rodger Murphree DC, CNS

Fibromyalgia Can Be Beat, Here's How

What You'll Learn
  • Stress-Coping Savings Account
  • Importance of Sleep
  • Detoxing Your Body

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Joette Calabrese

15 Fibrofixes

What You'll Learn
  • The way to address fibromyalgia is to get to the bottom of the condition.
  •  Symptoms are representation of that deeper condition.
  • By using symptoms, it helps us to determine which homeopathic  medicine is the correct choice.  This means we don’t manage symptoms we correct the underlining condition.

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Luigia Calvisi

Fibromyalgia-My Constant

What You'll Learn
  • The impact FM has had on my life – both positive and negative
  • I share a couple of theories I have about why I have developed FM.

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Nadine Artemis

Healing Autoimmunity Through Healthy Teeth and Gums

What You'll Learn
  • What dental procedures to be aware of with chronic disease.
  • The relationship between the mouth and autoimmune disease.
  • Simple tips to begin improving your oral health today!

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Cort Johnson

New and Upcoming Treatments for Fibromyalgia

What You'll Learn
  • What new drugs may be approved for Fibromyalgia in the next couple of years?
  • What treatment possibilities are emerging for FM and chronic pain patients?
  • What's wanted and needed from the FM community to move forward?

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Joe Steck

Fibromyalgia from a Man's Perspective

What You'll Learn
  • Ways to live a rich and fulfilling life despite chronic illness from a man’s perspective.
  • Ways to have better relationships while ill.
  • Challenges of transitioning from a once physically active person to someone with various physical limitations.
  • Tips for finding quality of life despite illness and on a budget.

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Robert J. Hedaya, MD, DLFAPA

Herbs for Healing Pain and Inflammation

What You'll Learn
  • How herbs work as pain and inflammation reducers compared to pharmaceuticals.
  •  Advantages and disadvantages to using herbs for pain relief.
  • Common herbs used for relieving pain.

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Rosalind Joffe, M.Ed

How to Stay Employed with Chronic Illness

What You'll Learn
  • Where to begin taking assessment of your current work situation.
  • Tools to thrive at work with chronic illness.
  • Improving your quality of life with healthcare issues.

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Tai Venuti

What You Need to Know About Social Security Disability Insurance 

What You'll Learn
  • How to apply for Social Security Disability.
  • Learn to get the most out of your benefits.

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Ruschelle Khanna, LCSW has practiced psychotherapy in Manhattan for over ten years. She has assisted thousands of men and women with healing from trauma and abuse. In March 2014, Ruschelle experienced an awakening experience during a seizure caused by Lyme disease and co-infections. Since that time, she has dedicated her life to educating communities about the power of overcoming physical pain to transform one's life.  Ruschelle also writes and speaks throughout the country on topics related to spirituality, chronic pain and trauma.

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